Wdupload Vs. Dropbox

Dropbox and Wdupload are two wonderful services. They offer cloud-based storing solutions perfect for personal and business use. If you want to know more about that, keep on reading our comparison guide between the two storage providers.


The wonderful thing about cloud storage is that it goes beyond uploading files. It’s also about sharing them. As you collaborate with an enterprise setting, you’ll be asked to share files often, which can be easy with the help of a cloud storage provider. With Dropbox, you’ll be able to use a central team folder that others can access and even create subfolders. Likewise, you can also limit it to individuals or groups.

With Wdupload, you’ll have full control of your data. Sharing files with other users is also easy. All you have to do is give them the URL, which also means– if they don’t have the URL, they won’t be able to access your files.


This would depend on several factors, including the service provider you use and the type of plan you have. With Dropbox, you can enjoy a common model of sync that’s comprised of a system tray, as well as a sync folder. With a system tray icon, you’ll be able to access settings, as well as synch folder. Likewise, anything you put in the folder will be synchronized to the cloud.

Wdupload sync speed on the other hand, can be compared to other EFS services on initial uploads, but it slightly falls short in regard with uploading existing files because it lacks the block-level sync.


There’s no denying that the online world can be quite scary because of the hackers and other people who are just waiting for the right time to steal your valuable data or information. For that reason, having a good security when it comes to cloud storage providers is very crucial.

Dropbox utilizes TLS protocol, which is secured with AES 128-bit or higher to ensure that the data would be well protected. This goes for folders, files, and dropbox paper files. Likewise, WD upload offers something similar. Rest assured that your data are well-protected with their 128-bit encryption data transfer for every user at the log in.


Ask any expert how you can know if the service you have offers a good value– most would tell you that it could be based on how much you can get for what you paid for. That means if you can enjoy more storage and features, then that means you’re definitely getting a lot of value. Dropbox is one of the few storage providers that offer a 30-day trial for both its standard and advanced plans. Furthermore, aside from the security features, you can also enjoy an advanced collaboration, as well as productivity tools.

Similarly, Wdupload offers a wide range of services, from a free account where you can enjoy 1GB storage, to a platinum plan that gives you more space to create a custom plan depending on your needs.

There you have it; we hope that this comparison will help you decide if Wdupload is worth getting or not.

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