One of the impressive innovations due to technological advancements is free cloud storage. Gone are those days sharing file requires you always to have a flash drive around because you don’t know when the need might arise. Now, with the birth of cloud storage, there is an easier solution to this file storage and sharing problem. It allows you to get quick access to your files from any device and any time, as long as those devices are connected to the internet. This includes tablets, smartphones, and desktops!

Best of all, it serves as a reliable place to backup all your essential files remotely, which comes in handy during emergencies or in an event where your hardware gets stolen and damaged. With the file URL, you can share your upload file with everyone else.

Sadly, the market is filled with several cloud storage providers out there, which makes it very challenging to determine the best among them. Bear in mind; it’s not always about storage size; you should also consider other factors like security, ease of use, limitations – just to mention a few. And, this is why we have decided to review one of the best cloud storage providers called wdupload and what to expect from them.

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What is

One of the pioneers of online storage offering top security is Wdupload. It’s known for its free and secure cloud-based services allowing users to store, share, and organize their files backed up onto their system. From anywhere in the world and at any time, these files are always available and can be easily accessed with any device, provided they are connected to the internet.

Likewise, it bears a resemblance to your external hard drive, just better. You have all files stored in their cloud storage with less likelihood of getting damaged, lost or corrupted.

Why Should You Be Using Premium Account?

Truly, there are many providers out there offering this cloud storage services, but what makes wdupload recommend for people looking to store their data online? Their website featuring an easy to use, user-friendly interface that provides users with instant access to all files backed up in your account. This includes sites, music, video, documents, photos, contact information, and many more.

To simply put: wdupload offers a number of solutions to meet all your requirements. Also, it offers the convenience of having easy access to the stored data whenever and wherever you need the files. Plus, it eliminates any worries about your hard drive or computer crashing anymore, giving you more assurance that your files are safely backed up entirely online.

wdupload premium benefits

Upgrading from a free account to a premium account offers some exclusive benefits, which includes:

  • Premium users enjoy an unbeatable download speed, which allows you to get the large file downloaded in seconds without delay. This is sometimes free accounts lack, as their download speed is limited. While this may be enough for people dealing with small file sizes, upgrading to a premium account is more than necessary for downloading large files without wasting time.
  • Wdupload premium users have more than enough space to safely store up all their important data on their accounts. Free accounts are limited to about 1 GB cloud space, which may be enough for people not looking to use this service heavily.
  • With a premium account you can quickly resume your download should it gets interrupted due to one reason or the other. Free account users are forced to start their download all over, which is not only time consuming but also frustrating.
  • Opt-in for a premium account allows you to store files as high as 10 GB, which is more than enough to house all your data.
  • Security is essential, and wdupload has shown they care about keeping your files safe and secure. Premium users can set a password to their data to prevent everyone with your file URL get instant access, except those who provide with the password.
  • Flexibility is one of wdupload’s feature. This means providing you are connected to the internet; you are good to go. This cloud-based service provider works excellently with any web browsers and operating systems. More so, the type of files you are allowed to upload on their system should not violate any of their terms of use. Nevertheless, having enough space allows you to upload any type of files and share them with anyone you choose to.
  • By sharing the file URL with anyone means you have granted them access to the files. While in terms of security, Wdupload provides you with an assurance that no one except people who provide with your file URL has full access to the data. Also, there is no limitation on the number of people you can provide your file URL with. Further, the transfer speed is not dependent on their system but your Internet Service Provider. Wdupload shows that the security of their customer is a top priority by using 128-bit encryption of data transfer. Encryption is one of the very best ways of protecting your files from theft and anyone else from accessing your data. Via encryption, there’s an assurance that no one except you has access to those files except you.

Premium Packages

Aside from free accounts, they offer a premium package for users to enjoy several exclusive benefits like a storage space up to 500 GB and more.

30 days90 days180 days365 days
35 GB / daily bandwidth£0.278 per day£0.222 per day£0.192 per day

refund policy

Final Thought

Indeed, it is safe to say Wdupload is one of the best cloud storage providers providing reliable services in the market. Not only do they offer top security, but also a large amount of space to accommodate all of your essential files. Plus, they accept a wide range of payment making it convenient to upgrade to a premium plan.

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